Your dentists from Lübeck, Germany

Dr. Ole Clausen and his team will take care of your dental health. Make an appointment in Germany and let us treat you! Our services: dental implants; dentures and prosthetics; treatment of craniomandibular disorders; 3D x-rays; laser treatment; bone reconstruction; treatment under anaesthetic; root canal treatment; cosmetic dentistry with veneers and whitening; treating patients with dental anxiety. We have 7 dentists and 25 assistants in three different locations in the town to take care of your medical well-being. Our practice is only around one hour from Hamburg airport and about two hours from Berlin. We speak English!

Making appointments

A selection of our services

Our Of course, the treatment we offer you and your children is always based on up-to-the-minute medical research. Each patient is taken care of and treated as an individual. There are always English-speaking healthcare professionals here, and in any case all our dentists speak fluent English, so you will be able to discuss all your medical questions.


  • Modern diagnosis
  • High-resolution 3D imaging
  • For pain in the temporomandibular joint
  • For tinnitus
  • For insomnia and depression
  • Perfectly fitting dental splints manufactured
  • For children, teenagers and adults

Making appointments

Dentures and prosthetics

  • Fixed replacements
  • (e.g. bridges)
  • Removable replacements
  • (e.g. dentures)
  • Permanent team of dental technicians
  • Dental restorations
  • When required, full dentures for cases where no teeth remain

Making appointments


  • Sedation or general anaesthetic
  • Pain-free treatment with no anxiety
  • Complete dental restoration!
  • For crowns, implants and extractions
  • Ideal for patients with dental anxiety
  • For children, teenagers and adults

Making appointments

Cosmetic dentistry

  • For new healthy teeth
  • For displaced teeth
  • For defective enamel
  • For damage to the structure of teeth
  • Modern ceramic materials
  • Computer-controlled restoration
  • Veneers whitening

Making appointments

We speak English! Dr Clausen is looking forward to receiving your request for an appointment.

Preliminary consultation

Before you come to Germany, we will speak on the phone or by email. This will give us an idea of your medical history.

How to get here

We will be happy to help you organise your particular journey to Lübeck. There are regular train connections from Hamburg and Berlin to Lübeck.

The treatment

A total of 7 dentists and 25 assistants are waiting to take care of you.


Payment can be made in cash (EUROS) or by credit card at the practice. You will of course receive an invoice!

Our dentists We would like to introduce Dr. Clausen’s team.